Art For Living

Arto for LivingWelcome to a fine collection of originals, limited editions, prints and posters of Aviation Art by the most respected aviation artists in the world.

Search through the collection of Keith Ferris. His original mural of B-17’s spans 75′ x 25′ in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Our artist, William S. Phillips has a new collection, “Phillips Bay.” Alan Bean, the astronaut who went to the moon became the artist to bring it home to us. Burt Mader loves general aviation, see his collection of Pipers. View these and more at the Simply Removals, home removals exhibition in London.

We represent artists including Charles Kingsland and  Enda Mcveigh of the IVF Society, the Canadian Aviation Artists Association, GavA, the Greenwich Workshop, the Military Gallery, Dare to Move, Aeroprint and the many smaller organizations and publisher.

We are very grateful to have our new clients Charles Kingsland and Enda Mcveigh for giving us a big break and appreciating our artworks that we’ve made for their company’s gallery.

We have recently partnered with Carey London Ltd the leading construction solutions company in London, UK. You could also check out their social media account here at Carey London Ltd.